sustainabilityIt is our belief that we have an obligation to protect some of our greatest resources, the very resources which yield the quality ingredients used in our products.

We continually seek opportunities and innovation allowing us to lessen and limit the environmental impact generated by our processes.

Much effort has been vested into the design of our facility such that it is environmentally friendly. Numerous controls are in place to promote energy conservation as we lessen the impact of wastes, reduce the use of water and utilize available recycling programs.  We have installed various energy saving controls from motion sensor lights to highly efficient computer controlled refrigeration units.

Working closely with our customers, we design product lines that adhere to our beliefs that greater sustainability must be a continual quest. We encourage the use of packaging which has a lesser carbon footprint.

It is ingrained in our culture that acts towards sustainability are not optional, but instead mandate that we operate under the philosophy that these efforts are our obligations.